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MLA for Morden-Winkler
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#MBBudget2018 delivers tax relief for Manitobans. Raising the BPA is taking money off the Cabinet table & putting it back on the kitchen table. That's how you reward hard work: by putting more money back into the pockets of the Manitobans who earned it in the first place. #mbpoli

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There is no “Carbon Confusion”. As I stated in #MBBudget2018, ALL revenue from the federally imposed carbon tax will go back into tax relief for Manitobans. #mbpoli

Manitobans deserve a break. #MBBudget2018 delivers on tax relief for Manitobans. Increasing the Basic Personal Amount and the Small Business Limit - largest tax cut in Manitoba history! #mbpoli

#MBBudget2018 features a historic reduction to personal income taxes by raising the Basic Personal Amount. This measure leaves hundreds more dollars in the pockets of Manitobans because Manitobans deserve a break. Trevor Sprague of @MNP_LLP certainly agrees. #mbpoli

Our plan is working, and when you have a plan that is succeeding – that’s getting the results you promised – you stick with it. That’s what Budget 2018 does. We’ve kept our commitments. We’re keeping our promises. #MBBudget2018 #mbpoli

20/ "We’re fixing our finances, so that Manitobans will have greater stability. We’re repairing our services, so that Manitobans will have greater security. And we are rebuilding our economy, so that Manitobans will have greater opportunity." #MBBudget2018

19/ "We’re moving in the right direction, on target to spend within our budget for the second year in a row. We’re reducing taxes while investing more in health, in education, in children and in protecting our environment." #MBBudget2018

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