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MLA for Morden-Winkler
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Receiving feedback from @TheWpgChamber on today’s Throne Speech. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

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Amendments will be introduced to the Public Interest Disclosure Act to better protect whistleblowers working in the provincial government, and expand its scope to include school boards. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

The PUB’s legislative mandate will be strengthened and improvements introduced to reduce costs of the regulatory process and better protect ratepayers. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Open government breeds better accountability. We enhanced the mandate of the Public Utilities Board to review and consider capital spending as it considered the current Manitoba Hydro rate application. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Our efforts to eliminate job-killing red tape continue with an objective detailed measurement of the regulatory burden imposed by government. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

A new public service transformation strategy will challenge public servants to better understand and meet the needs of citizens, question past practices and experiment with innovative ideas, and harness their collective talent. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

Please join us as we present our vision for Building a Better Manitoba. You can view today’s Throne Speech LIVE 💻 starting at 1:30 CT. Links below 👇 manitoba.ca/thronespeech news.gov.mb.ca #MBThrone17 #mbpoli

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An important day in our Province, as we continue to lay the groundwork for a strong financial foundation, improved services and economic prosperity for all Manitobans. #MBThrone17 #mbpoli twitter.com/brian_palliste…

Wishing Premier @Brian_Pallister a speedy recovery! Hope you are ok and get well soon! twitter.com/MBGovNews/stat…

Happy to bring greetings on behalf of @Brian_Pallister & MB Government to the 51st Commerce Business Banquet. Outstanding event filled with tons of networking opportunities for youth. #mbpoli

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Thanks for the invite! Great having meaningful discussions on Manitoba’s finances & economy. #mbpoli twitter.com/thewpgchamber/…

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